The Broomhouse Centre (TBC): Statement of Intent and Responsibility in relation to Equal Opportunities

TBC oversees a variety of services in The Broomhouse Centre, each of which is funded to support specific groups of people.

TBC is committed to these being high quality services which fully reflect the diversity of the community they serve, and is committed to Equal Opportunities. To this end TBC aims to ensure that, while positively targeting all prospective clients, services will strive not to discriminate otherwise. In addition TBC will strive to ensure that this policy of non-discrimination is reflected in all aspects of the life of The Broomhouse centre.

About Us

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TBC supports life long learning, social inclusion and welfare serving citizens in the South West Neighbourhood Partnership Area. The Broomhouse Centre is a Company Limited by Guarantee (No. 320027) and a Registered Scottish Charity (No. SC 00 3706).

Our Mission

We are here to provide personal, social and community development opportunities for disadvantaged groups in the areas of Health/Community Care, Education/Training, Social Inclusion/Outreach Activities; the community we serve is the South West Neighbourhood Partnership area.


The Broomhouse Centre is always looking for enterprising and innovative ways to fundraise especially given the economic climate. The recession is hitting everyone hard, including our services. But you can help us! Easy fundraising is a way of raising money without costing us, and more importantly YOU, any money! Click on the logo to enter the site where you will find lots of popular retailers. We will receive a donation from 1% to 15% for every purchase you make. You simply nominate The Broomhouse Centre to receive the funds.

How To Find Us

The Centre is open Monday to Thursday from 8.30am to 9.00pm and on Friday from 08.30am to 4.00pm.

Contact Us

Telephone/Fax: 0131 455 7731
Email: admin@broomhousecentre.org.uk

79-89 Broomhouse Crescent,
Edinburgh, EH11 3RH